Thursday, October 30, 2008

Coldfusion Administrator Resetting of Password

I am thinking this might be useful and handy in the future, so let me put this in my blog as entry. I keep on forgetting password I specify so I would know how to reset them eventually. This one is for ColdFusion Administration for versions ColdFusion 6 MX, ColdFusion 7 MX, and ColdFusion 8:


-Stop the "ColdFusion MX Application Server" Service

-Open the "neo-security.xml" file contained at %CFMXInstallRoot%\lib

-Find the line: "<var name=''><boolean value='true'/></var>" and change the true to false, then save the file

-Restart the "ColdFusion MX Application Server" Service

-Go to the ColdFusion Administrator again and set a password

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