Friday, August 15, 2008

Time Leadership for Bloggers

Cracking the shell is a necessary activity to find the nut and eat it. The same goes for theories and concepts. Applying it to a real life situation is like cracking the shell of that theory. And the lessons you learn are the golden nut of insight you find inside that shell.

Cracking the shell is exactly what this post is about, and the nut we’re cracking is the theory of the Time Leadership matrix (or Eisenhower matrix). In this article, I’m going to present a case study on how to use this technique. I took my own blogging activities as the subject.

Time Leadership - a short recap

Time Leadership is a term coined by Stephen Covey and it’s about taking control of your activities by determining their relative importance and urgency.

For a quick recap: The Eisenhower Matrix has two axes:

  • Importance - Do you regard the activities as important? This is defined by you: What’s important with respect to your values, ambitions and goals?

  • Urgency - Is there time pressure to do the activities? Time pressure is often applied by others, or by circumstances.

Combined, these two axes create a matrix with four quadrants:
I: Quadrant of StressActivities are both important and urgent.
II: Quadrant of ValueActivities are important but not urgent.
III: Quadrant of DeceptionActivities are not important, yet they are urgent.
IV: Quadrant of RegretActivities are neither important nor urgent.

The Time Leadership Matrix for my Blogging Activities
I’m going to discuss all the topics in the matrix briefly, but for your overview I present the entire matrix beforehand

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